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2020 Outstanding Retailer Awards: WFB recognizes the second annual group of wood flooring retailers who strive to be exceptional.

Woodworks: No Bending for Seamlessly Curved Peruvian Walnut Inlay

Woodworks: Viking Gravesite Discovered Under Wood Floor

Talk Back: What’s the Craziest Thing You’ve Seen Someone Do on a Job Site?

End Grain: A Tribute to Nature in ‘Every Living Crack’ of Swamp Oak Floor



Social Studies: Finding leads on Facebook Marketplace.

Trend Spotting: 'Oversized' herringbone across the pond.

Live and Learn: Seeing the sights of the U.S. from behind my big machine.

Legal Brief: Recoat leads to 'plastic appearance,' puddle, debris, more.

Retail: Here's how we pivoted our business operations with virtual estimates.

Management: How do you know which exotics are really sustainably harvested?



Wood Floor Rescue: 300-year-old elm saved in the U.K.

Trick of the Trade: On the edge while sanding.

Tales from the Front: Rotten luck with this sagging floor.

Wood Flooring Q&A: How many times can a wood floor be sanded?

Talking Shop: Pros share how the pandemic has affected how they are working.

Troubleshooting: 'Blemishes' spread in traffic areas of this solid oak floor.

From the Field: Innovative options for creating color on gym floors.

Techniques: What confuses wood flooring consumers and what to tell them.



Subfloor Prep, Underlayment + Moisture Meters

For Advertisers: Companies Going Green


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