Happy New Year, All!

I’m going to have to start the year with a small “nag,” reminding everyone that you have only five days to provide feedback on the draft to control formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products sold in Canada. The draft is CSA O160-VOC – Emissions Standard for Composite Wood Products: Formaldehyde and the standard will cover ONLY the four composite wood products regulated by CARB: MDF and tMDF (thin MDF), plywood and particleboard.

As noted in my original blog on the topic, the standard does NOT have a provision requiring downstream products to be labeled as “compliant” through the use of these certified products as components. As a result, no flooring or any other downstream production will be marked as “CSA compliant for formaldehyde” under the standard.

This is likely to become a mandatory regulation in Canada in the future.

Comments close in just a few days (Jan. 10th!) so if you haven’t looked at the draft, please do so ASAP! This is likely to become a mandatory regulation in Canada in the future and will become the foundation for expanded standards/regulations, so getting it right at the start is very important.

(For more information on this, read my original blog post on this topic from November.)

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