Glen Gilbertson

Comfort more than anything.


Mark Crooks

Just a cheap pair of Lugs; the soles don't pick up dirt and are good for kicking flooring into place if needed. They should be getting lighter but I make up for it with layers of finish.


Haroldo Barbosa Cirqueira

Nike running shoes, the best for working all day running the big machine.


Datsun Witick

Jalas safety shoes made in Finland.


Lars Frohnsdorf

Timberland boots. Super comfortable and last a good while.


Patrick Smith

Non-marking white-sole tennis shoes. They also breathe so your feet don't get sweaty!


Beverly Nix

No shoes! LOL.


Michael Layne

Shell toes. They don't wear out as fast.


Craig Miller

Started breaking these Thorogoods in yesterday. #ouch


Joe Larson

Timberlands for life. Burn mark courtesy of my Harley.


René Caran

Red Wings.


Daniel Greifzu

Janser shoes for floor pros from Germany. Good for pros because no foot prints on your floor, high quality leather, no nails or anything else can get to your feet because of special material in the lower part and your toes are protected, too.


Joshua Crossman

My coating shoes: Irish Setters. They are easy on/off, durable, non-marking.


Dmitry Lavrenyuk

DeWalts are my all time favorites.


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