Flags positioned along a right of way in front of Summer's Abbey Flooring Center. Source: KFDM.A flooring retail store in Port Neches, Texas, made local headlines after it was ordered by the state’s department of transportation to remove numerous American flags it placed along a nearby state highway right of way.

For several years, Summer’s Abbey Flooring Center has placed flags on a right of way leading to its storefront as part of a promotion where it gives away flags to customers to celebrate the Fourth of July.

“Unfortunately, someone made a complaint to [the Texas Department of Transportation] about the flags and they are making us remove them,” the company wrote on its Facebook page.

The Texas Department of Transportation said that the flags posed a safety hazard, as they were a distraction to drivers, according to a report by KFDM Texas. The flags also contain PVC pipe that could harm drivers if struck, the report stated.

Summer’s Abbey Flooring was permitted to keep the display up until after the Fourth of July last week. The company stated it would continue to hold its annual flag giveaway.

“We won’t let one person’s complaint stop our goal of painting Southeast Texas in red, white and blue,” the company said in its Facebook post.