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Olde Wood Limited
7557 Willowdale St.
Magnolia, OH 44643-9718

Phone: (330) 866-1441
Toll-free: (866) 208-9663
Fax: (330) 866-9181

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It's pretty normal to go to a big box store for all of your building material needs. The upside of these stores is convenience; the downside is that you purchase the same, cookie-cutter product as everyone else. What the stores offer will get the job done, but what happened to the days when products were custom made and tailored for you? We are bringing that era back.

We are Olde Wood Limited® – one of the nation's largest manufacturers of custom wide plank flooring and other unique reclaimed building materials. Over the last 21 years, we've milled over 5.6 million square feet of wide plank flooring, in solid and engineered profiles, for thousands of satisfied customers. Our products will turn your project into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will last for generations to come.

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    The strength, durability, and availability of the massive oak trees that populated the early American forests made it the go-to timber for barn and granary construction. The mighty Oak is as much a part of Americana as the barn itself. The floor pictured here features a custom color pallet that this customer hand-selected.
    Meticulously curated from the reclaimed joists, rafters, granary boards, siding and floor-boards of old barns and other historic wooden structures, reclaimed Antique Oak Hit-Skip flooring presents a reclaimed oak experience that preserves much of the original rustic surface textures while simultaneously revealing the beauty of the raw virgin timber underneath.
    Harvested from century-old barns and wooden industrial structures, this floor transforms a room into a living history lesson filled with character marks earned from years of faithful use. With a rich mixture of reclaimed hardwoods, saw marks, natural checking, color and texture, this floor is unmatched in its ability to attract attention. The perfect solution for a truly unique floor, wall or ceiling treatment.
    Our rustic Mountain Oak flooring is live-sawn into wide planks with an antique, 60-in. saw blade to replicate the look of early milling. This rare milling practice yields much longer and wider oak floor boards while including all select grades of lumber into a single floor. Characterized by the rugged, unyielding spirit of the Allegheny and Appalachian foothills and peaks, our Traditional Mountain Oak flooring features an authentic, rustic appearance.
    Known for its strength, durability and resistance to wear this floor offers you an inviting array of reddish-browns, white and grey hues with dense and varying grain patterns. Cut from select and fully mature trees, this slow-growth wood will create beauty and charm in any room. This color was developed for the flooring in one of the Nation’s foremost furniture retailer’s flagship location.