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Express Your Views on LEED

I'm on the road now, so I'll keep this one short.  

Last week I looked at some celebrations of green building but did bemoan the lack of wood being featured. And a key driving force in green building, the LEED program, still significantly undervalues wood as a green material, at least in my opinion.  

It looks like they've closed comments on the FSC vs. the-rest-of-the-certified-wood-world issue, but other green building policies are still open for comment until June 2013. I suggest you review the categories still under consideration for change and comment as you feel appropriate. (To read what the FSC has to say about the changes, click on their press release posted here.) Only by getting involved will you have any say over what is done in the future. And watch for more opportunities to comment. We want the world to recognize the great value the wood offers the building community.

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