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Sights of Surfaces 2016

Elizabeth Baldwin Headshot
1 26 Eab Mm

I don’t know if everyone’s made it home from Vegas yet … no, I’m not thinking of some flooring industry version of "The Hangover,” but more like the “The Day After Tomorrow” where the East Coast freezes over… On my return, I only had one flight cancellation and two delays and I count myself lucky—I still made it home on the day I left. Hope everyone else enjoyed their extended travel!

Anyway, I had a fun time at Surfaces, and here are the pics by my editor (and favorite paparazzi), Kim, to prove it.

Michael Martin of the NWFA may run, but he can’t hide from me. I caught him and held on until we checked off all the fun green issues on the table for the industry:

1 26 Eab Mm


On the other hand, other members of the NWFA team, Brett Miller and Anita Howard, were happy to snuggle up for a minute:

1 26 Eab Brett Miller Anita Howard Lr


Tommy Maxwell, VP of the NWFA Board of Directors, always gets a hug:

1 26 Eab Tommy Maxwell Lr


Here’s a Green Girls Team: Alex Taylor and Camille Moyers of Benchmark International:

1 26 Eab Benchmark Lr


Their colleague Joel Oser gives us a thumbs up:

1 26 Eab Benchmark Surfaces1a


The team at Basics Coatings cornered me—and guys, don’t forget that you promised me a green blog on finishes!

1 26 Eab Basic Coatings Lr


I had to stop by to say hello to my good friends Jonathan Train and (NWFA BOD member) Brenda Cashion of the Swiff-Train/Earthwerks team:

1 26 Eab Earthworks Lr


This is Mr. Huarong Lyu and Ms. Chris Lyu of Layo flooring with my most wonderful colleague Jamie Newman of Metropolitan. I must note that Mr. Lyu made sure Kim stepped back far enough to get “Layo” central to the picture! In fact, I think we’re a bit blurry and the company name is in focus. Now that’s a smart marketer!

1 26 Eab Layo Lr


To show I did more than just run around visiting people, here’s a small business note: The show organizers had a “Trend Hub” set up and they suggest that blue is the new gray and parquet designs are coming back:

1 26 Eab Trends


And finally, getting out of the show entirely, I was lucky enough to meet Chef Susan Feniger, co-owner of the Border Grill. I’ve enjoyed her food for years, both in Vegas and LA, and it she was as nice as that smile suggests she must be. Next year be sure to stop by for some chips and salsa! [Note from the editor/paparazzi: The guacamole there is to die for—don't miss it!]

1 26 Eab Susan Feniger

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