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Snacks for the New Year

2 9 16 Chips8

Which New Year, you ask? Worried that I’m running a month late? Well, Chinese New Year was this week. So to celebrate, I thought we’d look at some snacks available over there.

As you all know, I’ve been on the road a lot. And while I may be willing to eat deep-fried scorpion and actually love raw horse, I’m none too sure about some of these interesting potato chip flavors spotted in China.

Want a chip that is “intense & stimulating?!” Try “Numb & Spicy Hot Pot Flavor.”

2 9 16 Chips8

If it’s too much, Cool Cucumber should help, right?

2 9 16 Chips3


With your palette properly cleansed, you’ll be able to really enjoy Fermented Soy Bean Prawn Flavor.  

2 9 16 Chips1

Which naturally pairs with seaweed, right? 

2 9 16 Chips4


The next course should probably be another palette cleanser, so perhaps simple Green Tea?

2 9 16 Chips5gt


Want a snack that replaces dinner? Try Cumin Lamb and Lemon Chicken flavors.  2 9 16 Chips6


Followed by Finger Licking Braised Pork and to wrap it all up, chocolate and sea salt. 2 9 16 Chips5 


Quite the meal. Had enough? Well, finally you have your choice between Roasted Chicken Wing and Grilled Squid chips….  

2 9 16 Chips2


So, what did you select for your Super Bowl party? I know, the chicken wing one—that’s traditional!

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