2019 Bamboo + Cork Product Focus

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Do you have clients interested in cork and bamboo flooring? Following are some of the latest products in those categories.



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Allwood's engineered strand bamboo, Coconut, is hand-distressed and available in a thickness of 5/8 inch. All of Allwood's products are 100 percent real bamboo or wood and are designed for durability, the company says.



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Amorim Cork Composites
Amorim says its Hydrocork is the first waterproof, low-thickness floating cork floor. Built ¼ inch thick, it can be easily laid over most existing surfaces and is ideal for renovations, the company says. Hydrocork is available in 10 wood looks and features a 0.55-mm wear layer that is suitable for both residential use and heavy-traffic commercial spaces.



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Bamboo Hardwoods
Arcade by Bamboo Hardwoods is an engineered strandwoven line featuring smooth, wire-brushed or hand-scraped texturing to provide a unique aesthetic with the utmost in performance, the company says, adding that the product's HDF core and poplar backing makes it durable. It features a 50-year residential warranty, eight styles, distressed-beveled edges and 5-inch-wide-by-3-foot-long planks.



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Cali Bamboo
GeoWood layers fossilized bamboo over GeoCore, a waterproof limestone composite foundation. The resulting bamboo flooring is easy to install and maintain, the company says.



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Capri Collections
Capri Collections' cork is available in both glue-down Mediterra Cork and floating floor Eco-Clicks Cork formats. The cork comes in a variety of colors, patterns, shapes and sizes. Both Mediterra and Eco-Clicks are designed for a variety of commercial and residential installations, the company says.



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Globus Cork Inc.
Globus Cork tiles are prefinished, pre-glued and made in the U.S. Globus Cork makes 2,800 variations of 100 percent cork tiles using only water-based materials, the company says. The tiles are available in rectangles, squares, hexagons, triangles, diamonds and many other shapes and come in a variety of colors and sizes.



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Haro Quality Flooring
Haro Cork Floor Tigra is a sustainable floor with a modern twist. Individual planks are ½ inch thick with a 3-mm top layer and are 11¾ inches wide by 36 inches long. The floating Top Connect installation system allows for ease of installation and can be installed virtually anywhere in the home, including over radiant heat, and the permDur surface ensures easy care and high durability, the company says.



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Harris Wood Floors
Natural Cork is hypoallergenic, mold- and mildew-resistant, and anti-microbial/anti-bacterial. Its CorkLoc glueless floating installation is designed for easy installation, the company says. The product features a ceramic finish and comes 5½ inches wide and 48 inches long with a thickness of 13/32 inch.



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Hawa Bamboo Flooring Corp.
Hawa Carbonized Horizontal Matte Bamboo flooring is solid flooring made of moso bamboo. The flooring is 3¾ inches wide, 37 7/8 inches long and 5/8 inch thick. It features a micro-bevel and aluminum oxide finish. Hawa flooring has been in the U.S. market for more than 20 years, the company says.



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Jelinek Cork Group
Jelinek Cork Group's cork flooring is available as either floating or glue-down tiles offering a multitude of design possibilities. The tiles measure 12 by 12 inches and 5/32 inch thick.



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Nova Distinctive Floors
Nova's cork flooring is FSC-certified, earning points for LEED projects. The flooring is 36 inches long, is available 3/8–7/16 inch thick and 7½–12 inches wide. It comes in more than 30 patterns.



4 N 816 Hf As16 Pf Bc Qu Cork Sm

Qu-Cork's cork flooring can be floated or glued down and is available in a variety of patterns. Qu-Cork also offers Imagery Cork, which utilizes digital printing technology to give cork the appearance of wood flooring.



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Teragren Bamboo
Teragren's Synergy Wide Plank features premium solid-stock Xcora strand bamboo with a micro-beveled edge. The engineered bamboo can be floated over cork or other acoustical suppression underlayments for an enhanced sound barrier and is up to 160 percent harder than oak, the company says. It comes in Chestnut (pictured) and Wheat.



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Tesoro Woods
Tesoro's Super-Strand Bamboo collection is a strandwoven bamboo product featuring seven products with three textured surfaces. The collection, made in partnership with Moso Bamboo Products, is designed for dimensional stability and hardness, the company says.



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WE Cork
WE Cork has added three designs to its digitally printed Serenity Collection. The products are finished with the company's patented Hot Coating. The designs reflect today's demand for color and character in wood visuals, fitting in residential applications as well as commercial settings, the company says.



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Woodpecker Flooring
Woodpecker's contemporary bamboo design is produced by weaving and compressing together strands of the bamboo cane. Each plank provides an exotic look and outstanding durability, the company says. Whitewash Strand features a smooth, low-luster finish and beveled edges.


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