2020 Going Green Product Focus

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The companies on the following pages—all advertisers in the August/September issue of WFB—have made impressive inroads toward protecting the wellbeing of consumers and wood flooring professionals, as well as the health of the global environmental overall. See below to discover how they have adopted environmental sustainability as a bedrock of their businesses.


Premium Partners


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PoloPlaz spent significant hours developing its new Supreme Stain line that uses innovative technology and requires no change in application technique from legacy stains, it says. Supreme Stain offers coast-to-coast VOC compliance, less than three hours of in-service time and no lap lines, the company adds.



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Stauf started its green initiative long ago, as it wanted to be at the forefront of the movement. Today, almost all of its products in the United States and Europe meet or exceed SCAQMD 1168 standards. The company says there isn't a way to get any greener and still be called an adhesive.


Featured Suppliers


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Delmhorst Instrument Co.
Delmhorst Instrument Co.'s TotalCheck Wood Flooring Package features the TotalCheck three-in-one moisture meter, 26-ES slide-hammer electrode, 2-E short-pin electrode, RH/T-S1 RH sensor, and MCS-1 moisture content standard. The package comes in a carrying case.



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DriTac Flooring Products LLC
DriTac's 8400 EnviroTread series is a line of sustainable green, acoustical abatement recycled rubber flooring underlayment made from post-consumer and post-industrial waste, including recycled tires, the company says. It is available in three thicknesses: DriTac 8402 (2 mm), 8405 (5 mm) and 8410 (10 mm), and can be installed under hardwood.



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Lignomat USA Ltd.
Lignomat has added calibrations for bamboo to its dual-depth meter, the Ligno-Scanner SDM. The 3/4-inch depth calibration can be used for full-thickness floor planks, whereas the 1⁄4-inch depth is ideal for bamboo, which usually comes in 5/8-inch or thinner. Besides bamboo, the Ligno-Scanner SDM can measure the moisture in all materials important for the floor installer and inspector.


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