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TOPIC: Sequence of sanding and staining red oak

Sequence of sanding and staining red oak 12 Mar 2021 13:37 #21021

Just completed install of red oak flooring and was interested in getting other installers sequence of sanding and applying a “dark” stain.

Sequence of sanding and staining red oak 15 Mar 2021 08:51 #21023

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All depends how dark you need to be and what equipment you run.

-Darkest possible: Sand normal, 60-80-100 (you may skip 80) on BM, finish sand (using multi head sander) 100-120 with paper and water pop.
-Not as dark as above: Sand as above, but after 120 paper final sand that with a 100grit screen backed with an intermediate pad on the multi head sander, this will open the 120 grit paper sanded (the wood looks typically polished after sanded with 120 paper).

-You can also waterpop and mix the dark stain with some neutral if you need to be somewhere between the darkest water-popped color and just finish sanded color. (in this case waterpop and use adjusted dark color stain)
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