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TOPIC: Loss of Equipment from Theft - Insurance Coverage?

Loss of Equipment from Theft - Insurance Coverage? 02 Apr 2021 19:12 #21031

Theft has been increasing and unfortunately I was a victim last week. They stole one of our vans and dumped it a couple of days later. When I got it back from a tow yard, all the tools and equipment were cleaned out from the van.

I'm still waiting for insurance to confirm if equipment loss will be covered from my general liability since they mentioned it might not be due to theft off premise. This is to my surprise as I thought theft should've been covered by default.

Anyone had experiences dealing with situation like this before? Thanks for all the inputs.

Loss of Equipment from Theft - Insurance Coverage? 14 Apr 2021 20:10 #21038

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I used to park my truck on the curb in front of my home.

In 2005 it was broken into and I lost many tools.

The insurance company told me that since I parked my work truck "off site" it was not liable for a theft claim. I explained it was not off site but in front of my house. They said that technically it was "off-site" because it was not "technically" parked on my property.

Live and learn, I now park my work truck in the driveway where it is protected from theft by my insurance.

As for on the job, I always watch it and NEVER leave the work truck at the work site. THAT ... I have never done.
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