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TOPIC: Woca diamond oil color correction sos!

Woca diamond oil color correction sos! 06 Apr 2021 20:00 #21033

We just applied woca diamond oil active to antique pine floors. We sanded & prepped according to manufacturer instructions, but the stain (sand grey) is uneven and blotchy, and the overall color effect is very peachy, rather than grey. Additionally, black “curdling” appeared in the container midway through the job, and we didn’t catch that until it was applied to the floor, which resulted in a big black spot on the floor. We think there was a problem with the pigment in our batch. To correct the problem, we are considering re-sanding and applying a different product. Has anybody experienced a similar problem with this product? Any idea how much wood we’ll need to sand off to get to a fresh surface? In the event we don’t get all of the Diamond oil active sanded off, are there other products that we could layer on top of this? We are considering trying the Woca master color oil to improve the color, and then topping with either clear master oil or clear diamond oil active. Thank you for any experience you can share!
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