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TOPIC: Black and white pellets on wood floor

Black and white pellets on wood floor 14 Dec 2018 10:45 #20424

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Hello. I need help in figuring out what these black granules are coming out of my wood floor. Every time I sweep them out, they come back from a pinhole on the floor. I thought they are termite droppings but I asked an exterminator to look into it and I was told that these granules are not from termites.

As you can see on the attached picture, the granules form a circle after coming out of the pinhole on the floor as it continues to grow. And the hole is actually in the middle of the room. At first, there was only 1 hole. Now there’s 2. Please help me identify what these are. The exterminator said that this is the first time he saw these black granules. I’m scared as to what lurks beneath my floor. Insects??? But what kind??? I appreciate any help you can give me.




Black and white pellets on wood floor 14 Dec 2018 12:40 #20425

That looks like 3-5/8" vertical, carbonized bamboo, not wood. Not sure what could eat through possible formaldehyde and phthalates. The circular pattern looks like a bore hole or as you say: an insect. The granulates are symmetrical and consistent. Can you send me a sample? I am looking into this...BBS -Digs WFB Magazine

Black and white pellets on wood floor 14 Dec 2018 12:46 #20426

The truth can be relieved if you remove a board and see if the hole and debris travels into the subfloor. Many questions to be answered: What is the sublfoor? Was any underlayment used? What was there before the bamboo? Can you inspect the subfloor from below?

Black and white pellets on wood floor 14 Dec 2018 13:01 #20427

Also, check to see if the "Emergence hole is elongate (typically that points to insect infestation at the time of milling BUT this is not milled wood). Circle the holes and see if they get larger. This is more likely from a larvae than an actual wood boring insect since the kiln dry process and coating would kill them.Look to see in the surface finish has been eaten or whether the finish bends into the hole. This will show what took place first. From http://www.livingwithbugs.com...photos are similar to yours.

"There are a number of insects that develop in recently dead trees or milled lumber. The larvae of these wood borers feed on starch and other nutrients in the wood that were stored when the tree was alive. Most of these insects cannot infest live trees because of the tree's natural defenses. While most wood boring insects need relatively fresh wood, certain ones, like powderpost beetles, can re-infest older, seasoned wood.

Powderpost beetles (see What are Powderpost Beetles?) lay their eggs on the bare wood surfaces and tiny beetle larvae (sometimes called woodworms) bore into the wood through surface cracks. Extensive internal damage can be done by the larvae during the months or years in takes to complete development (see A Picture of a Lyctid Powderpost Beetle Larva). Adult beetles emerge through circular emergence holes (right)."
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Black and white pellets on wood floor 14 Dec 2018 17:49 #20428

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Hi Stephen. Yes you are right, it is a bamboo floor. And the emergence floor is so tiny and I can’t believe those granules can come out of there. How can I send you a sample?

Black and white pellets on wood floor 11 Jan 2019 18:25 #20457

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I dealt with a similar problem about 8 months ago. Termites do generate black
granules like that. Powder post beetles generate little piles of powdery dust.

How old is the floor? If it's fairly new, then they may be some foreign species.

If old, more likely domestic. The only way to see whats under there is to remove a
board. Although, if there is access, I would crawl under the house first and look
under the area where the problem is. If they're in the subfloor, you may able to open
a piece up of that and see what crawls out.

Also, your exterminator sounds clueless. You may want to find another more experienced.

Good luck.
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Black and white pellets on wood floor 14 Jan 2019 07:23 #20458

Sorry, I was traveling
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One note: Could something be cleaning something below the bamboo? That looks like gunpowder or Charcoal. It is clearly a black, consistent, granulation. Those are granules and don'y look like excrement/feces...more like black salt! Like the "Pony Deal" response says...remove a board...one of the easiest to replace if you have any material.
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