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TOPIC: recommendation - Concrete surface prep for OSB floor install

recommendation - Concrete surface prep for OSB floor install 15 Feb 2021 22:45 #21010

I have removed 1700+ sq ft of tile, carpet, and engineered hardwood including 99% of the old adheisve and thinset. I am going to be putting down OSB boards that are routed for pex tubing(product: ecowarm radiant). After I removed all that flooring the concrete was really smooth in some parts and I am having a real problem finding someone experienced that will grind the concrete to a CSP of 1 (slightly broom finished). The dust from removing the tile was too much for my allergies even with a proper respirator...Never knew I had such a dust allergy. That means I can't do it myself regretfully. Acid etching is a no go because of the adhesive for the carpet possibly in the pores of the concrete. Is there anything I can put down on the floors as a primer of sorts that would allow me to forgo the resurfacing of the concrete and still get a great bond with the adhesive? I do NOT need a moisture barrier but if it had one I wouldn't complain...I was planning on using Bostik Greenforce anyways. I know surface prep is absolutely vital so the answer is most likely no. I'm grasping at straws here...haha!

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