When you first hear “wood chips” you think of biomass, or garden landscaping or paper pulp, right? You think of something like this:


But now, maybe you’ll think of something like this:

Don’t understand that? Well, don’t feel bad, the full article that discusses it is nearly incomprehensible as well, but this summary version is easy to read. It’s all about this new technology where biodegradable, wood-based computer chips work as well as those silicon chips. Yes, that’s right. You might soon have wood chips inside your phones and computers!

The researchers are promoting the technology for environmental reasons—keeping the heavy metals and such out of landfills, and the military is interested in it as something that will just melt away in enemy’s hands. (Interesting how two such different perspectives come together here!)

Consider this the ultimate in green technology…although, the problem is that rather than getting a computer virus, your system just might mold …


Elizabeth Baldwin has over 20 years of international wood sourcing experience. Very widely traveled, her résumé's "Special Skills" section includes "the ability to eat anything from raw horse to deep-fried scorpion." She serves as Metropolitan Hardwood Flooring's (metrofloors.com) ECO (Environmental Compliance Officer) and deals daily with the "green alphabet soup" of today's industry: FSC, CARB, LEED, and much more. She blogs for Hardwood Floors on all things green (and, as she says, " 'grey' and 'blue' and almost every color except 'black and white.' Nothing in this world is black and white, particularly not 'green issues.'")