Take a look at the latest products from these companies, all advertisers in the 2019 WFB Resource Book, the buyer's guide for the wood flooring industry.


Premium Partners


Bona US
In one coat, Bona Craft Oil 2K penetrates deep into hardwood floors, resulting in strengthened wear-resistance and organic- looking floors, the company says. It is available in nine colors that can be blended for a limitless spectrum, the company adds. It can be coated with any Bona Traffic finish.



DuraClear Max is a durable two-component non-ambering water-based finish. It is formulated for use in commercial and high-traffic areas and offers exceptional flow and leveling, the company says. DuraClear Max is Greenguard-certified and available in flat, satin, semi-gloss and gloss.



Lacrosse Hardwood Flooring
Lacrosse Hardwood Flooring's Northern White Oak Rift & Quartered Natural Grade features a traditional American species and has neutral tones that accept reactive stains and finishes easily, the company says. Lacrosse Hardwood Flooring also manufacturers 55,000 square feet per day of 1.5-inch to 9-inch white oak, red oak, walnut and hickory.



Norton Abrasives
Red Heat is designed to handle the toughest sanding projects and makes scratches hardly detectable, the company says. It is designed to leave wood floors smooth and ready for refinishing, the company adds.



Osmo USA
Polyx-Oil is the original hardwax-oil, the company says. It is available in Clear, Satin and Matte, and features high durability and is resistant to spills. No primer or sanding is necessary, and Polyx-Oil results in a microporous surface finish that will not crack, flake or peel. Spot repairs are possible. It is also available in a solvent-free, low-VOC version as Polyx-Oil Pure.



Saroyan Hardwoods
Saroyan Solid Hardwood flooring is available in a variety of grades and dimensions. Every order is hand-selected for appearance and milled for premium quality, the company says.



Stauf USA
ULC-500 Level-Seal is a two-component urethane leveling compound capable of creating a moisture barrier of up to 18 pounds CC or 97% RH. It provides STC and IIC and can be directly adhered to in just under 4 hours. The product must be applied at a minimum of 1⁄32 inch, but can be applied up to 5 inches thick. ULC-500 is extremely durable and can be used with other Stauf products, the company says.



Woodwise/Design Hardwood Products
Woodwise/Design Hardwood Products says it is continuing its research and development efforts to keep up with the wood flooring industry, and its wood fillers have been formulated to meet the demands of wood flooring experts. Its line of wood fillers includes: Woodwise Full-Trowel Filler, Wood Patch, No Shrink Patch-Quick, Powdered Wood Filler, Pre-Finish Filler, and Epoxy Wood Patch.


Featured Suppliers


Absolute Coatings Group
The new Absco Easy 2K formula combines the latest developments in wood floor finishes. Its aluminum-oxide and two-component, 100 percent urethane formulation delivers fortified durability, while the new No Lap Technology makes it easy to apply and results in a clear, even finish, the company says.



Amana Tool
Amana Tool manufactures industrial-quality carbide-tipped, solid-carbide, and insert-carbide router bits and CNC router bits for the woodworking, MDF, aluminum, plastics and composite industries.



Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring
Allegheny Mountain offers ¾-inch 100 percent riftsawn solid wood flooring in lengths up to 12 feet. Wider planks are also available in red oak and white oak. Its Northern Appalachian oak has grading standards above NOFMA requirements and is cut and kiln-dried at its mill to 6% MC, the company says.



All American Wood Register Co.
The MaxFlo register is designed to generate increased airflow over the average mono- or bi-directional wood register, the company says. It is available in any standard and custom size, as well as any style and wood species.



Artistic Finishes Inc.
Artistic Finishes' new Engineered Stair Nose fits with flooring that measures 1⁄2, 9⁄16, 5⁄8 and 3⁄4 inch and is designed to create the perfect finish every time, the company says.



Ceno Group
The Satellite is a planetary attachment designed for any floor machine. It can be used with waffle discs with three different puck options for cutting, including Aggressive, Soft Grain and Fine Finish, the company says. The company's Brass Brushes can be attached and used for antiquing hardwood, and its Red Devils attachments can be used to remove aluminum oxide, the company adds.



Delmhorst Instrument Co.
Delmhorst Instrument Co.'s TotalCheck Wood Flooring Package features the TotalCheck three-in-one moisture meter, 26-ES slide-hammer electrode, 2-E short- pin electrode, RH/T-S1 RH sensor, and MCS-1 moisture content standard. The package comes in a carrying case.



Eagle Machinery & Supply Inc.
The EagleEye Talon Vision Saw brings two-sided WoodEye Scanning and the Eagle Talon 3000 High Speed Crosscut Saw together into a compact, tightly integrated package, the company says. It eliminates transitions and maintains complete control of the material throughout the scanning and crosscutting process and is ideal for processing low-grade material at high speeds, the company adds.



Fidbox LLC
The HMbox monitors the job site and substrate pre-installation, and the Fidbox (embedded into the floor) monitors the product, substrate and job site post-installation. These pre- and post-installation tech tools save the contractor time, money, aggravation and possible litigation, the company says. The devices create reports that can be printed or emailed to the flooring manufacturer, builder, homeowner or whomever has interest in the data they collect.



Fortifiber Building Systems Group
The Accord sound-rated flooring pad maintains comfort underfoot, providing an outstanding acoustic barrier and dependable moisture-vapor protection, the company says, adding that Accord is easy to install over subfloors and under floating engineered or laminate flooring due to an integrated seam-seal tape. It is also a Class I moisture-vapor barrier over concrete.



Grill Works Inc.
Grill Works' flush-with-frame vents are available in a variety of thicknesses, including 5⁄8, 9⁄16, 1⁄2 and 3⁄8 inch.



Horizon Forest Products
The Lexington Series is a ¾-inch-thick, wire-brushed, engineered hardwood floor made from live-sawn French white oak. The Series was designed for homeowners searching for a distinctive look with multiple pattern options, the company says. Patterns available include braided, block and border, herringbone (pictured), and more.



Hull Forest Products
Hull Live Sawn Natural White Oak Solid Wood Floors are available from 6 to 14-plus inches wide with 7 feet or greater average plank length and a ¾-inch thickness. The live-sawn cut contains a mix of riftsawn, quartersawn and flat-sawn grain. It has tongue and groove on all sides and can be micro-beveled or square-edged. It is available unfinished or custom prefinished and comes with a lifetime quality guarantee.



Lenmar Coatings
Lenmar's ClearCoat Pro line of interior waterborne floor finishes feature one- and two-component topcoats and a sealer, all specially formulated to provide durability and protection for hardwood floors. Designed for demanding professionals, the unique resin technology allows for a smooth, even finish at a competitive price, the company says.



Lignomat USA Ltd.
The Ligno-DuoTec BW is a pinless dual-depth scan meter that can double as a thermo-hygrometer and as a meter to perform in-situ RH testing of concrete floors. The three functions are important for hardwood floor installations and for any inspection of hardwood floors. The equipment is available as a complete kit in a hard-shell case.



Loba Wakol LLC
2K Invisible Protect A.T. is a two-component waterborne finish that retains the natural appearance and feel of untreated wood while providing superior protection, the company says, adding that it is easy to apply, self-seals without a primer and is non-ambering while providing excellent chemical resistance.



Monarch Plank
The Lago collection by Monarch Plank is made from European oak and is available in both plank as well as herringbone pattern, pictured here in the color Vico. Its ultra-low-gloss urethane finish and light wire-brush texture offer old world elegance at a competitive price, the company says.



National Hardwood Flooring and Moulding
French Galerie engineered oak flooring from National Hardwood Flooring and Moulding is available in character grade, smoked distressed or smooth textured, and features a natural oil finish. The top layer is 4 mm thick, and the flooring comes 5⁄8 inch thick, 71⁄2 inches wide and 74 inches long. Pictured is St. Dijon Antique Oak.



Provenza Floors Inc.
The Herringbone Reserve Collection features a wire-brushed and smoked surface treatment with a rich oil finish in a classic European pattern, the company says.



Timbermate Group
Timbermate water-based wood filler is truly a green product—it contains no toxins or VOCs. It has an indefinite shelf life and is freeze-thaw stable. It should be used at full strength to patch, and contractors can add water to trowel or grain fill. The filler is available in 13 colors as well as a neutral tint base.



Top Grade Floors
Lost River Reclaimed White Oak is available in 3⁄4-inch unfinished solid or engineered. It is live-sawn and comes in 5–12-inch widths and long lengths, the company says.



Tramex Meters
The Tramex Feedback Datalogger App is available for performing ASTM F2170 and logs up to 100,000 data point entries of relative humidity, temperature, dew point and grains per pound, the company says. It transmits the information via Bluetooth BLE technology to mobile devices and creates and exports spreadsheets, charts and reports.



W.D. Lockwood & Co. Inc.
W.D. Lockwood offers a variety of deep-penetrating water-soluble gray dyes, including Silver Gray, Pearl Gray, Deep Gray, Gray Antique, Weathered Oak and Early English Gray. The dyes do not leave residue or pigment deposits, and the color remains clear under any finish coating, the company says.



Wagner Meters
The Wagner Meters Smart Logger is a temperature and relative humidity monitor and data logger utilizing the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The device sends data to the free Smart Logger app that can record, collect, and email up to 12,000 data readings and save them for 300 days.



Waterlox Coatings Corporation
Waterlox Urethane Finish provides rock-hard, clear protection for interior wood projects such as floors, woodwork and countertops, the company says. There is no ambering, so the natural color of the wood shines through, the company adds. It is available in satin and gloss sheens.



WerkMaster Grinders & Sanders Inc.
The RASP Precision hardwood sander reaches within 1⁄8 inch of the wall, the company says. It is designed to handle wood and concrete surface prep and disassembles into three parts for easy transport, the company adds. It features a 220-volt, 3-hp single-phase motor.