Featured Suppliers


Delmhorst Instrument Co.
ProScan is Delmhorst's pinless moisture meter for flooring installers and inspectors to determine if wood is at equilibrium with its environment. ProScan has built-in species correction capability through specific gravity adjustment to measure a wide range of wood types, making it ideal for wood flooring, the company says.


Lignomat USA Ltd.
Lignomat offers excellent pin, pinless and RH-specific moisture meters, as well as data loggers and customer service, for flooring professionals, the company says.


Tramex Meters
The ME5 Moisture Encounter features dual-depth penetration for comparing surface and core moisture and elimination of substrate influence when testing coverings, the company says. It has Bluetooth connectivity to the IOS and Android app and improved sensor pads for greater repeatability of results. It also has a robust new enclosure with rugged ergonomic design, the company adds.


Wagner Meters
The Rapid RH L6 test system conforms with ASTM F2170 to determine RH levels in concrete slab subfloors. It offers Bluetooth connectivity between the Total Reader and the DataMaster L6 app on smart devices. The sensor can be installed within five minutes and can take readings immediately after the 24-hour equilibration period.


Other Participating Manufacturers


Akhurst Machinery Inc.
The Marinus Powermax from Akhurst is a high-speed, end-matching and defect cut-off saw designed for wood flooring or paneling material up to 12¼ inches wide. The Powermax's advanced servo system allows for superior throughput capacity, the company says.


Eagle Machinery & Supply Inc.
The EagleEye Talon Vision Saw brings two-sided WoodEye Scanning and the Eagle Talon 3000 High Speed Crosscut Saw together into a compact, tightly integrated package, the company says. It eliminates transitions and maintains complete control of the material throughout the scanning and crosscutting process and is ideal for processing low-grade material at high speeds, the company adds.


EBI Electric
The EBI Hardwood Flooring Scanners detect defects and optimize hardwood flooring production according to each manufacturer's grading recipe. EBI scanners are user-friendly and allow any trained mill employee to operate them easily, the company says.


Lico Machinery Inc.
Lico specializes in the design and manufacturing of sawmill and flooring equipment ranging from standalone machines to complete solutions. Lico offers a wide range of ripping solutions for the mid-range production up to the most demanding requirements, the company says. A single system can be designed to produce from 20,000 board feet to 90,000 board feet (4/4) per shift with ripping yields up to 93 percent, Lico says.


Miltec UV
The Miltec UV Gloss Control UV Technology enables manufacturers to achieve an extremely wide gloss range using a single UV coating, the company says. Low, medium, and high gloss levels are attainable, with repeatable results with fewer UV lamps resulting in lower operating costs, the company adds.


Ogden Group
The PUR Continuous Roll Feed press is a fast and efficient method for laminating the top veneer wear layer to the plywood substrate, the company says. The press can be equipped with an automatic in-feed that places the random-length veneer on top of the plywood.


Stanza Machinery
The Stanza Simple Spray 300 is designed for spray coating flooring, moldings, trim and more. It is capable of utilizing both waterborne and solvent-based coatings, including reactive stains, oils, paints, lacquers, prime and more. The machine can accommodate an array of spray gun packages for peak performance, the company says.


Superfici America Inc.
The Mini is an automatic plug and spray machine that is available in a compact, efficient cabin, the company says. It has a working width of 51 3/16 inches, a working height of 35 7/16 inches and a maximum workpiece thickness of 3½ inches. It works plug-and-spray or stand-alone and is competitively priced, the company adds.


Wintersteiger Inc.
Wintersteiger offers precision Thin-Cutting Band Saws in many configurations. They feature cutting options for hardwoods up to 26 inches wide with +/- 0.006-inch tolerance, 0.043-inch cutting kerf, and a surface quality ready for glue.


Woodtech Machines
Woodtech offers a range of UV finishing machines, including the UV Light Dryer available in 24-, 36- and 51-inch widths with a work piece thickness of 2-80 mm. It has a working height of 80 mm, automatic exhaust fans and is available in two-, three- or four-light configurations.