See some of the latest machines available for the manufacturing of wood flooring. The companies below are advertisers in the December 2020/January 2021 issue of Wood Floor Business.


Featured Suppliers


Akhurst Machinery Inc.
The Marinus Powermax from Akhurst is a high-speed, end-matching and defect cut-off saw designed for wood flooring or paneling material up to 12¼ inches wide. The Powermax's advanced servo system allows for superior throughput capacity, the company says.



Hasko Inc.
The Hasko HSSM series features machines for solid and engineered wood flooring. The HSSM SideMaster provides side matching for sawn-face engineered wood flooring and plan-to-zero systems. The HSSM Splitter produces sawn veneer faces up to 8 inches wide.



Lico Machinery Inc.
Lico specializes in the design and manufacturing of sawmill and flooring equipment ranging from standalone machines to complete solutions. Lico offers a wide range of ripping solutions for the mid-range production up to the most demanding requirements, the company says. A single system can be designed to produce from 20,000 board feet to 90,000 board feet (4/4) per shift with ripping yields up to 93 percent, Lico says.



Ogden Group
The PUR Continuous Roll Feed press is a fast and efficient method for laminating the top veneer wear layer to the plywood substrate using PUR adhesives, the company says. The heavy-duty designed press can be equipped with an automatic in-feed which places the random-length veneer on top of the plywood.



Wintersteiger Inc.
Wintersteiger offers precision Thin-Cutting Band Saws in many configurations. They feature cutting options for hardwoods up to 26 inches wide with +/- 0.006-inch tolerance, 0.043-inch cutting kerf, and a surface quality ready for glue.



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