Featured Suppliers

Lignomat USA Ltd.
Handheld moisture meters and thermo-hygrometers give single measurements, while the MC Tracker data logger can record three measuring points for wood floors or subfloors and one ambient relative humidity reading every minute, every hour or once a day. An alarm can be set to warn the user when the air gets too dry or too moist to avoid damage to the hardwood floor. It is an ideal tool to keep track of gymnasium floors, the company says.


Tramex Meters
The Tramex Feedback Datalogger and App perform ASTM F2170 and log up to 100,000 data point entries of relative humidity, temperature, dew point and grains per pound. The app allows the user to visualize live and logged readings and create and export spreadsheets, charts and reports, the company says.


Wagner Meters
The Wagner Meters Smart Logger app connects with the Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Logger device to capture and record relative humidity and temperature data from up to 300 devices for up to 300 days. The app can also program reading intervals, set alarm ranges, and email up to 12,000 data reports.


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