2022 Subfloors, Subfloor Prep + Moisture Meters Product Focus

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See what the following companies–all advertisers in the August/September issue of WFB–have to offer for subflooring, subfloor preparation, and moisture meters.



Premium Partners



Bona US
Bona R540 is a one-component, roll-on moisture membrane specially designed to mitigate vapor transmission on all subfloors, including gypsum-based underlayments. The polyurethane reactive primer is compatible with the entire Bona Adhesive System. Only one coat is needed when using Bona 1250G or 1500G trowel and any Bona Silane Adhesive, the company says.





Bostik Inc.
Roll-Cote is a high-performance moisture vapor barrier coating and primer, the company says. It is formulated to minimize moisture emissions from substrates and function as a primer to be applied prior to self-leveling underlayments. It also provides unlimited moisture protection on glue-down hardwood flooring installations, and no moisture testing of the slab is required, the company adds.





ULC-500 Level-Seal is a two-component urethane leveling compound capable of creating a moisture barrier of up to 18 pounds CC or 97% RH. Level-Seal provides STC and IIC sound insulation and can be directly adhered to in just under four hours.



Featured Suppliers



Delmhorst Instrument Company
The JX-20 and JX-30 are the latest moisture meters in Delmhorst’s Navigator family. They are professional-grade, accurate and versatile, the company says. The JX-30 features the Delmhorst EDGE App with expanded wood species, customizable settings, geotagging and data sharing from any location.





DriTac Flooring Products
DriTac Primer 3000 is a “green,” single-component acrylic floor primer with concentrated Quick Dry, Bond-Strengthening technology. It is approved for use with all DriTac flooring adhesives and has zero VOCs and solvents. It has been independently tested and certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus Program for Indoor Air Quality.





Lignomat USA Ltd.
The Ligno-Scanner SDM dual-depth, pinless meter is designed for measuring engineered flooring. The 1/4-inch setting measures the hardwood top layer, and the ¾-inch setting measures the overall board. The plywood can be measured from the back side on the 1/4-inch setting. The meter also measures vertical, horizontal and strand bamboo on the 1/4-inch depth setting.





MP Global Products
QuietWalk Plus is a universal underlayment with an enhanced vapor barrier attached that allows fasteners to penetrate and allows adhesives to bond to it, the company says. The dense fibers are designed to stop unwanted noise from traveling. It can be used with floating, glue-down and nail-down wood floors.





Sika Corporation
Sika MB is a two-component epoxy moisture barrier that can be used with all flooring systems that require protection from subfloor moisture. It provides protection up to 100% RH, 25 pounds CC, and 6% Tramex. Sika MB and can promote adhesion over top of cutback and consolidates weak substrates like gypsum, the company says.





Wagner Meters
The award-winning Orion 950 Smart Pinless Wood Moisture Meter features Bluetooth connection to smart device apps, EMC calculation, a built-in temperature and RH sensor, and dual depth moisture measurement. The Orion 950 is backed by an industry-leading seven-year warranty and comes with an on-demand calibrator, the company says.



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