2021 Wood Flooring Software and Technology Product Focus

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Software and technology are an essential part of running a wood floor business today. The products featured in this annual Product Focus aim to help make the job easier. Does your company have a product that should be featured here? Send it to us at [email protected].



Featured Suppliers


6 L 221 Wfb Fm21 Pf Tech Lignomat Prod

Lignomat USA Ltd.
Handheld moisture meters and thermo-hygrometers give single measurements, while the MC Tracker data logger can record three measuring points for wood floors or subfloors and one ambient relative humidity reading every minute, every hour or once a day. An alarm can be set to warn the user when the air gets too dry or too moist to avoid damage to the hardwood floor. It is an ideal tool to keep track of gymnasium floors, the company says.



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Wagner Meters
The Wagner Meters Smart Logger app connects with the Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Logger device to capture and record relative humidity and temperature data from up to 300 devices for up to 300 days. The app can also program reading intervals, set alarm ranges, and email up to 12,000 data reports.


Other Participating Manufacturers



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Anderson Tuftex
The award-winning Floorvana+ is a tool designed to help find flooring to match any space. Images of rooms can be uploaded to see flooring in different installation options and design visions through a real-time augmented reality experience.



4 O 219 Wfb Fm19 Pf Tech Cf Data Prod

C/F Data Systems
Structure BlueConstruction is an end accounting package that provides solutions to manage all areas of construction operations including quoting, billing, inventory, payroll and project management, the company says.



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Fidbox LLC
The HMbox monitors the job site and substrate pre-installation, and the Fidbox (embedded into the floor) monitors the product, substrate and job site post-installation. These pre- and post-installation tech tools save the contractor time, money, aggravation and possible litigation, the company says. The devices create reports that can be printed or emailed.



Ooz 219 Wfb Fm19 Pf Tech Floor Cast Prod

FloorCast is an augmented reality flooring visualizer and cost calculator. The app uses computer vision algorithms to locate a floor and replace it with a 3D model of a new floor, automatically calculating the square footage of the space at the same time, the company says.



Yyy 220 Wfb Fm20 Pf Tech Floor Docs Prod

The FloorDocs cellphone app is designed for documenting moisture testing, prep work, before, during, and after installation. Pictures are taken on the app, and notes can be typed or spoken. Pictures and text get converted into a PDF report that is saved online but can also be downloaded and emailed. Repair work can be added to the original installation files, and a new report can be generated.



Zzz 220 Wfb Fm20 Pf Tech Housecall Pro Prod

Housecall Pro
Housecall Pro is easy-to-use software for home service companies, the company says. It services more than 15,000 businesses and offers online booking, follow-up marketing, recurring service plans, review management, scheduling, dispatching, estimates, invoicing, live-map GPS, reporting, credit card processing and sales proposal tools.


4 A 217 Wfb Fm17 Pf Soft Quote Hero Prod

Insight Flooring Technologies LLC
QuoteHero is an app that allows users to measure rooms, estimate jobs and close sales on the spot, the company says. QH, created by flooring professionals, is a white-label application that flooring businesses can customize for their needs by adding a logo, line items, prices and more.



4 R 218 Wfb Fm18 Pf Tech Measure Square Prod

Measure Square Corp.
The MeasureSquare iPad app lets users measure and estimate accurately and efficiently. It integrates with Bluetooth laser meters and allows estimators to create a takeoff; create and assign products; generate worksheets and estimates with flooring products, labor add-ons, cut sheets and seam diagrams; and send off a professional quote on the spot.



4 A 220 Wfb Fm20 Pf Tech Q Pro Prod

QPro Software
QPro POS+ is a point of sale flooring software designed for hardwood flooring dealers, the company says. The software's "Kits" feature pre-populates line items to ensure nothing is forgotten.



4 B 220 Wfb Fm20 Pf Tech Roll Master Prod

RollMaster Software
RollMaster Software is built on a foundation of real-time, multi-location, full-integration technology, the company says. It integrates and automates all departments and business processes, from lead tracking and work-in-progress to job costing, accounting and financials.



6 X 220 Wfb Fm20 Pf Tech Smart Plank Prod

SmartPlank features technology embedded into flooring that allows the homeowner to monitor the floor with the use of an app on a smart device. SmartPlank can generate reports that can be viewed to make changes to the environment that is impacting the flooring.



6 Q 1218 Wfb Dj19 Es Tramex Prod

Tramex Meters
The Tramex Feedback Datalogger and App perform ASTM F2170 and log up to 100,000 data point entries of relative humidity, temperature, dew point and grains per pound. The app allows the user to visualize live and logged readings and create and export spreadsheets, charts and reports, the company says.


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