Readers Respond: What’s One Thing You Hesitated To Buy and Now Can’t Live Without?

Readers Respond 6

WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to list something they hesitated to buy and now can’t live without. Here’s what they said:

Josh Hansman

A table to set my saws on instead of working on the floor.

John Mezza

Readers Respond 1

Patrick J. Russell

Deep clean machine.

Readers Respond 2

Dave Marzalek


Mike Somodean

This hashtag on the van wrap.

Readers Respond 3

Mark Opperman

This bad boy.

Readers Respond 4

Bernie Bates

I switched to pneumatic nailers about 5 years ago. Used my gut busters for 27 years. Pneumatics just aren't faster to me, but man do I feel better at the end of the day. 😂

Lars Frohnsdorf

Switching from trailer to a van. Best step ever.

Joe Smith

Cordless nailers!!! Doing everything I can to get away from air hoses!!

Readers Respond 5

Dennis Cudd

It's a tossup for me between the Edger Dolly (couldn't get my credit card out quick enough especially after tearing my back up two summers ago) and then the Power Drive, which saves a bunch of edging and takes my flat floors to the next level. I'd probably have to hang it up if it weren't for those two tools. 😕

Obe Martell


Johnny Rodriguez

Beer. 😁

Spencer Hulbert

Paddle handle for the Hummel. Sat in my truck for over a year. Put it on and now it feels weird without it.

Matthew Shumway

A multi-tool about 10 years ago.

Bob Alberding

Edger Dolly.

Derek Evans

The company I work for just got a Bona Power Drive. It’s now the 2nd hardest working person on the team, lol.

John Booth

Power Drive.

Michael R Leonzal

A good financial advisor.

Bill J Lilgreen

Track saw.

Thomas Lane

DeWalt 20-volt brad nailer.

Dave Mitchell Jr.

Everything that’s in my van was a hesitation.

Crystal Morgan

At first I didn’t think I needed the Satellite. Dad didn’t use one in the old days. But I use it on every job. Makes a big difference. ❤️

Nick Spano

Power Drive, multi-head, dust containment vacuums and employees.

Benny Powell

HEPA air scrubber!!

Inmon hardwood floors

My California ultra quiet air compressor.

Silas Dittmer

The Airsled.

T.J. Haas

Crosscut saw.

Daniel Reddy


Shane Scheimann

My HydraSand.

Kyle Bell

Primatech Edge Nailer.

Joe Markel

Air mover—100% should have had one 18 years sooner.

Barry Oliver


Woodman Flooring

Planetary head... plenty of brands do the job. I don't care how good you are or how "old school" you like to keep it with your hard plate and screen; a planetary head is a guaranteed way to improve your end results. Small investment 》》HUGE upside.


My convertible.


@primatechflooringtools 900A Edge Nailer.


Knee pads for sure!! I thought I was invincible back then. Now I put on knee pads as soon as I walk into a project.


Fein/oscillating cutters, Trio and multi-disc sanders, 15 years back.


Pallmann Spider.


Knottec wood repair kit.


Bona DCS 2.0 vacuum.


A Hummel.


Lixie mallet.


Festool Rotex.


@galaxymachines 2000.



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