A Newfoundland couple says the hardwood floors they purchased from Costco were infested with powderpost beetles when they installed them in their home, according to CBC News. The couple have been living with the infestation for four years and fighting to be compensated for three and a half years.

The couple, Tina and Brian Neary, and are in the midst of a lawsuit with the wood floor’s manufacturer, J. Sonic.

“The entirety of every room in our house is infested,” Tina told CBC. “Who wants to live in a house knowing that wherever they might be, it’s full of beetles?”

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The couple have a “no socks” policy in the home due to the sawdust caused by the powderpost beetles, which makes the floors slippery to walk on.

When the infestation was first discovered, the couple asked J. Sonic for $86,000 to cover the cost of the extermination and their temporary relocation, to which the company responded with an offer of $23,000.

“We did not accept that and immediately contacted our lawyer,” Tina told CBC.

J. Sonic has since shown interest in conducting its own investigation, and a lawyer with the manufacturer stated both sides in the lawsuit are in the discovery phase of litigation.