Renowned hardwood floor master Dave Marzalek of DM Hardwood Designs will lead a course on “extreme wood floors” hosted by Tell City, Ind.-based Castlewood Hardwood Corporation Aug. 27–31.

The course will cover sled saw construction, parquet building, hand-scraping, custom designs, sand and finish, multiple stain layering, engraving, textured paint designs and more. The cost to attend is $1,500.

Other instructors in the course include Randy Harris, Keith Wells and Trevor Larson.

Inlays will be given away via a lottery on the final day of the course, and a DVD featuring footage from the course will be mailed to students.

The school is sponsored by Castlewood Hardwood Corporation, 3M, Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Industry Products, Woodwise, Padco and American Sanders.

For more info, email Jenny Riddle or call (561) 727-0800.

Marzalek is well-known in the industry as a repeat award-winner for many years. Here are some of his winning masterpieces, covered by Wood Floor Business throughout the years (click the images to read the full stories):

1997–Best Design in a Commercial Application




1999–Members' Choice


2000–Best Design in a Commercial Application



 2002–Best Manufacturer-Finished Design

2007–Best Bedroom 2008–Best Factory Finished (non-CNC) 2009–Members' Choice, Best Entry/Foyer (Hand-Cut)2010–Best Reclaimed2013–Best Extreme Makeover