Fishman Flooring Solutions (Baltimore) is celebrating its centennial in 2019 with special events for past and current employees, partners and customers planned throughout the year.

It will also be evaluating what has made it successful throughout the decades, according to President and CEO Bob Wagner.

“We want to identify the most important lessons that we have evolved over the course of a century, and make certain we continue to apply them to ensure the firm’s success well into the future,” Wagner stated in a release.

The company first opened its doors in 1919 selling thread and sewing supplies under the name L. Fishman & Son. It served as a distributor to the American Thread Company until 1960, when it began selling carpet installation supplies for the Roberts Company, a shift that would become the foundation for the company’s current business. It changed its name to Fishman Flooring Solutions in 2012 and become 100 percent employee-owned in 2013. It currently has 240 employees and 37 branches.