Sometimes it seems like all the glory in the wood flooring industry goes to the stunning projects of the installers. But at WFB we thought we should also recognize some of the retailers in the industry who do a stellar job.

That’s why this year we’re introducing the WFB Outstanding Retailer Awards, our retailer contest designed to honor the best of the best in hardwood flooring retail.

The winners will be featured in our August/September issue of the magazine. Companies can enter by filling out a form and sending photos and other supporting information that tells us about companies. They will be chosen based on their answers to the following criteria (for a guide to filling out the entry form, click here):

Company Story: Tell us about the history of your company. Describe how your business has evolved and explain your company's core philosophy.

Customer Service: Provide examples and/or anecdotes that best exemplify your company’s customer service.

Store Design: Send us high-resolution photos of your store design. Include information on merchandising techniques, unique locations, etc.

Digital Footprint: Tell us how your company stays up-to-date digitally in terms of marketing, customer service, management, etc.

Marketing: How do you promote your business? What’s your best success story?

Employee Management: How do you manage your employees in terms of training, maintaining morale, etc.?

Other Activities: Tell us about anything else that you think sets you apart from the typical retailer. Include high-resolution photos, company brochures/marketing materials and/or other documentation.

Does your retail store go above and beyond in these categories? Enter our contest here and tell us how. The deadline to submit is June 1.

Retailers do not need to sell hardwood flooring exclusively to qualify for the awards, but wood flooring should make up a significant part of the retailer's business.

For further questions, email us at