Mullican Flooring (Johnson City, Tenn.) announced a move into the multi-layered flooring market with AXISCOR Performance Flooring, an independent brand and business unit that will offer products with stone polymer composite core construction.

“The multi-layered flooring category is extremely competitive and quickly changing, and that makes it an exciting time to be involved and see the endless opportunities,” Mullican President Neil Poland said in a statement. “The superior stability of this core is a solution for the limitations of other core products, and it is more suitable for building a wider variety of new products.”

AXISCOR Performance Flooring will be available in 30 patterns and will launch with three collections, including Prime, Pro and Trio. The collections, which the company said are waterproof, pet friendly and extremely durable, have an LVT-type veneer and will be available to distributors in early 2019.

“Developing AXISCOR as a separate business unit will allow a continued focus on brand messaging and hardwood sales,” Poland added. “We did not want to limit the new category to 10 or 12 patterns just to say we were in the business. By developing a line as complete as AXISCOR, we are able to have it run as a separate business, and we are thrilled to watch it grow.”

Mullican appointed Art Layton to oversee the AXISCOR brand at the company’s headquarters in Johnson City, Tenn. Layton previously served as VP of marketing and resilient business with CMH-Space Flooring; he also has experience working with independent distributors to develop import businesses and private brands.

“We are thrilled to have Art included in the development of AXISCOR and other new business opportunities,” Poland said. “Alongside our director of global procurement, Greg Burleson, Art is already developing some exciting new products and business opportunities. He will be a great asset to the team.”