This wood floor medallion was among several controversial expenditures made by the West Virginia Supreme Court. (WV Legislative Photography/Perry Bennett)A former West Virginia Supreme Court justice who drew criticism for outfitting his office with a custom $7,500 wood floor inlay, along with other lavish purchases, has been sentenced to two years in federal prison for corruption, Courthouse News Service reports.

Allen Loughry was found guilty in October 2018 on 11 of 22 charges that included fraud and lying to investigators regarding personal trips funded with state money. During his time as a Supreme Court justice, he oversaw a $353,000 office renovation that included the complex wood floor inlay depicting a map of West Virginia, as well as a $32,000 suede couch.

Loughry and four other West Virginia state Supreme Court justices were impeached in August 2018 due to elaborate office renovations paid for with state funds.

Along with his jail sentence, Loughry was fined $12,200.