Fewer young people may be entering the trades, but there remains a passionate (if relatively small) demographic who have chosen wood flooring as a career at an early age. Hear from some of the next generation about how they ended up in wood flooring and their thoughts about the ongoing labor shortage in the February/March 2019 issue of Wood Floor Business, now available online.

While perusing the issue, you can also get the 411 on underlayment, and read advice from a professional photographer about the best way to capture images that highlight your work.

In this issue’s Live and Learn column, pro Dax Williams rivals Marie Kondo as he details how he improved his business with some simple and effective organization tricks, and pro Sean James writes about the benefits of floating floors and why they shouldn’t get a bad rap.

As with every issue, you can also explore a new legal question (in this case, whether the GC or contractor was at fault for buckling engineered floors) and read about stunning wood flooring projects (such as this shorefront one inspired by a seashell).

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