It’s a new year (thank goodness), and as many scrape snow off their vans, we asked wood floor pros to share their favorite projects completed this past fall. As usual, they didn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for hardwood floor inspiration to get you through the winter months ahead, look no further. (And a reminder: The deadline to enter the 2021 WFB Design Awards is Feb. 1. Find info about entering your project for free here.)

Dan Aeschliman

Aeschliman shared this 2,000-square-foot project that included sanding, a custom stain and water-based finish.


Broadleaf Hardwoods Co. | Des Plaines, Ill.

Ethan Allen Abrudeanu had two contenders for his favorite autumn project:


Kalman Varadi


MacDonough Woodworks | Lapeer, Mich.

Austin Macdonough shared a design he calls a “pinwheel herringbone.”


Rihards Jeske


Wouter Gijsbertsen


Casey Wasden 


Richard Vink


North Country Hardwoods | Auburn, N.H.


Hatton’s Hardwood Floors Inc. | Calgary, Alberta 

Calvert Hatton’s in-home court project measured around 560 square feet.


Angel’s Wood Floor Restoration | Sterling, Ill.


Sandro Cruz


Craftsman Hardwood Flooring | San Angelo, Texas 

Matt Garcia incorporated a maple feature strip around this walnut herringbone. 


Atlas Floors Inc. | Gaithersburg, Md. 

Atlas Floors’ ceiling view during this Washington D.C. project was just as interesting as the flooring.


Wood Flooring Kavetsos | Athens, Greece 


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