Source: Thornton Fire Department TwitterSource: Thornton Fire Department TwitterA wood floor business owner in Thornton, Colo., was injured after chemicals stored in the back of his van spontaneously combusted, according to Denver 7.

Heat inside the van is being blamed for the explosion, which occurred just before 7:15 a.m. on June 9, according to the report. The business owner was taken to a hospital following the accident, and his condition has not yet been reported.

The fire in the van spread to a car parked next to it, which belonged to the business owner’s girlfriend.

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Sending Prayers
i own that shirt... many prayers... long ago in Kansas City a man named Virgil Brillhart was burned badly when someone shut a set of gang wood doors that were venting a gas gravity furnace... hind sight is 20 x20. we never forgot and Virgil made a full recovery... Honest to God he never complained ... he taught me how to sand floors and be a man... years after his accident I saw him (age sixty +) pick up and entire American Lincoln big machine and carry it up a flight of stairs without breaking it down... you have my prayers and those of the men in your community.... you can do it ... tougher men than us have shown us the way
Praying for you and your family