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Hasko Inc.
114 Industrial Park Drive
Soddy Daisy, TN 37379-4224

Phone: (423) 648-5200
Fax: (423) 648-5202

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Are you ready for “heavy-built performance?” HASKO flooring, rough-mill and woodworking machinery incorporates robust engineering, state-of-the-art 21st Century technology and the industry’s best service and support. Our goal is to ensure that our customers maintain a competitive advantage in a challenging global manufacturing environment.

HASKO has delivered hundreds of machines to customers who demand the ultimate in accuracy, efficiency, productivity and performance. When you buy from HASKO, there is no middleman — you deal directly with the manufacturer. Call us to see how our custom machine solutions and automation expertise can help your company improve yield, reduce labor, and improve efficiencies and output.

HASKO is a world-class manufacturer delivering Heavy-Built performance and innovative solutions.

Categories Listed in:

  • HSDC-X2 Extra Chopsaw
    • Features
    • Two saws cutting in one machine
    • “Formula One” fact – 10-15% faster than most single-saw machines
    • Accelerates from 0-1,000 feet per minute in 18”
    • Up to 50% faster in some fixed length applications
  • HASKAN Ultra Scanner
    • Three Scanning Technologies for
       Ultimate Efficiency
    • Haskan’s exclusive Patent Pending Dual Sensor Non-Contact Ultrasonic analysis
    • Top and Bottom True*Vision Imaging
    • Top and Bottom Hi-Resolution 3D Laser Profiling
  • MPEM-C EndMatcher
    • Features
    • HASKO Independent chain system provides unsurpassed accuracy
    • Saw stations have “on-the-fly” machine tool quality adjustments
    • Dust enclosure improves dust collection and eliminates internal dust hoods
    • Single-piece chain bed liners provide long life and low maintenance
    • Available with open trim stations for inline defecting or closed stations without operators
    • Additional spindles optional
    • Automatic lug loading and lug unloading available
    • Custom machine configurations available
    • Many options available for pre-finished flooring and engineered wood
  • FSM MatchMaster
    • Features
    • State-of-the-art safety features include door interlocks and zero speed sending, safety circuity
    • HASKO “Quick Clear” function provides repeat set up for top head and left side head within .002”
    • All cutterheads and feed drives are inverter controlled and include braking
    • All top feed drives are inverter controlled and include braking
    • All top feed rolls and centermatch rollers and raised pneumatically and reposition to exact setup when closed
  • The HASKO/Mekanika/Haskan
    2500 Process

    • Advantages of the 2500 Process
    • Improves yield and grade optimization through better defect identification, more accurate defect removal and best-face/best-edge optimization
    • Significantly reduces plant labor and manual chop saw safety risks
    • Provides and best-face/best-edge marketing option for side-matcher feed orientation
  • HSLF High Speed Lateral-To-Lineal
    Feed System

    • Features
    • Unequaled performance on random length and/or short block material
    • Improves grade by freeing operator to inspect for best face
    • Improves side matcher throughput by minimizing gaps
    • Inverter controlled, infinitely variable feed rates to 600FPM
    • Enhances operator safety by placing him in a remote area away from pinch-point hazards
    • Utilizes unique Hastrak lateral feed system with positive top-and-bottom acceleration
    • Incorporates HASKO Quick-Clear jam-freeing technology on hold-down assembly
  • HASKO HSSM Side Master
    • Optional Configuration Options
    • Side Matching for Sawn Face Engineered Wood Flooring
    • Side Matching for Planed-to-Zero Systems
    • Optional Top and Bottom Calibrating Heads
    • Optional Hollowback Head