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Hasko Inc.
114 Industrial Park Drive
Soddy Daisy, TN 37379-4224

Phone: (423) 648-5200
Fax: (423) 648-5202

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Are you ready for “heavy-built performance?” HASKO flooring, rough-mill and woodworking machinery incorporates robust engineering, state-of-the-art 21st Century technology and the industry’s best service and support. Our goal is to ensure that our customers maintain a competitive advantage in a challenging global manufacturing environment.

HASKO has delivered hundreds of machines to customers who demand the ultimate in accuracy, efficiency, productivity and performance. When you buy from HASKO, there is no middleman — you deal directly with the manufacturer. Call us to see how our custom machine solutions and automation expertise can help your company improve yield, reduce labor, and improve efficiencies and output.

HASKO is a world-class manufacturer delivering Heavy-Built performance and innovative solutions.

Categories Listed in:

  • HSDC X2 Extra Chopsaw
    When the engineers at HASKO developed the HSDC-X2 Extra Chopsaw, our goal was to build one of the best machines in the world for processing rough or planed hardwood and softwood. The HASKO Extra is an automatic chopsaw designed with two independent saws that operate 10-15% faster than most single-saw machines.
  • HASKAN Ultra Scanner
    The HASKAN Ultra Scanner provides the ultimate in quality control assurance. It accurately analyzes boards for defects, while the dual chop saw cuts lineal boards and strips to length for grade optimization. The HASKAN Ultra Scanner minimizes chopping, maintains long lengths and maximizes grade yield by determining the feeding side matcher’s best-face/ best-edge orientation. It also automates the gross defecting process for best-face/ best-edge optimization and throughput yield.
  • MPEM-C EndMatcher
    The new HASKO MPEM-C models offer the best new features available for end-matching random-length solid and engineered wood. Its clean, heavy-built design provides multiple benefits.
  • FSM MatchMaster
    Commonly referred to as “The King of Flooring Machines,” the HASKO FSM MatchMaster leads the industry in production, runtime efficiency and maintained accuracy. As factory prefinished flooring changed the wood flooring industry, their required tolerances have driven HASKO to be the manufacturer’s side-matcher of choice.
  • The HASKO/Mekanika/Haskan
    2500 Process

    The 2500 Process utilizes proven material flow that is in most flooring mills by replacing labor for defecting best face/best edge orientation, grading and grade optimization with modern scanning and chopping technology. This technology is available for new mill installations or as an upgrade for existing plants.
  • HSLF High Speed Lateral-To-Lineal
    Feed System

    The HSLF Feed System is a profit-pushing solution for improved side-matcher throughput and overall product enhancement. The HASKO HSLF feeder offers many advantages over conventional, manually fed pineapple feeders. Instead of a human operator, the HSLF controls the wood and organizes the pieces for feeding. HASKO has many years of experience at handling materials of random lengths at very high feed rates.