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1 Paradise Park Road
Jacksonville, AR 72076-2365

Phone: (800) 421-7319
Fax: (501) 985-1359

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  • PoloPlaz Prime Advantage Ultra High Solid Clear Finish
    PoloPlaz Prime Advantage is formulated to withstand even the most demanding floor conditions. With high solids and low viscosity, Prime Advantage is ideal for recoats and new installations or resands. Its crystal clear film will never amber. Resume use of floor in just 24 hrs without the worry of scuffing or scratching. Prime Advantage is the toughest product in the industry so your floors continue to look great year after year. With a VOC limit below 275 g/L, Prime Advantage is the perfect choice for LEED projects.
  • PoloPlaz Primero 275 Low VOC
    PoloPlaz Primero 275 Low VOC is tougher than most waterborne and moisture cures and is VOC compliant. It delivers reliable overnight drying, even in poor conditions, and reaches 80% cure in 72 hours and can be walked on in 24 hours.
  • PoloPlaz Polo 1K Flat 3.5
    PoloPlaz Polo 1K Flat 3.5, the floor finish that dries flatter than any other competitive 1K finish. PoloPlaz 1K Flat 3.5 uses the next-gen resin in Polo 1K technology to provide extreme durability and remarkable scuff resistance. It can be easily applied and dries clear in 2 hours.
  • PoloPlaz Endure 2K Waterborne Finish
    PoloPlaz Endure is a unique waterborne finish designed for recoating wood floors in just a single coat. With 50% solids, it provides a beautiful, long-wearing surface and incredibly consistent sheen not typically seen in waterbornes. Endure is virtually odorless and has VOC content low enough to use anywhere on any job… including LEED projects . Your customer can resume use of their floor in as little as 24 hrs.
  • PoloPlaz PoloKey
    PoloPlaz PoloKey Clear Gym Finish is designed specifically for recoats – with high solids, low viscosity and 24 hour return to service without the worry of scuffing or scratching the floor. It has a long open time (3 hours) and is perfect for screens and recoats. PoloKey is the toughest product in the PoloPlaz lineup, and it saves time and money!
  • PoloPlaz FastTrak 2K Waterborne Finish
    PoloPlaz FastTrak 2K Waterborne Finish is designed for recoating gym floors in just a SINGLE COAT. Save Time and Labor – great for tight budgets, tight schedules and quick returns to service!