Danny De Faria, who works at Antique Hardwood Flooring in Oakville, Ontario, sent us photos from a resand he did after the homeowner hired a friend who was a tile installer to sand the prefinished floors and stain and finish the floor. The result can be seen in the photo on the left. Not only was the wood floor a disaster, the dark stain covered the white baseboards and even got on some carpeting (which he had covered with tape). “I think he must have rented a sander at Home Depot but didn’t know how to properly sand, stain or even finish,” De Faria says. De Faria and coworker Greg Ritchie started sanding on a slight angle using a Galaxy and a 40-grit Norton belt, then sanded straight with 40, working up to 100 on the big machine and a Super 7R edger before using a 150 on a Bona Multidisc and palm-sanding the edges. The final sanding was a 150 screen before using Saman water-based stain and tung oil. “As bad as the tile guy’s sanding was, it did make it easier to sand off the prefinished,” De Faria says.