Mark Dittmer

Dittmer Headshot

Mark Dittmer has been a wood flooring professional for the entirety of his working career. Starting at a young age, Mark learned to sand and finish while working for his father’s contracting business. Mark sanded his way through college and shortly after began working for The Bahr Co., a wood flooring distributor in the Chicago area. Starting in sales, he became the general manager of their Chicago location, which he opened and operated.

Wanting the challenge of running his own company, Mark took over the contracting business his father opened in 1959. Mark’s company specialized in high-end residential flooring in the city of Chicago. In 2019, Mark decided it was time to shift careers. Using his 25 years of experience in contracting and distribution, he went to work on the manufacturing side of the business.

Mark is excited about using his industry experience to help educate the contractor and distributor on the benefits of all Canlak Coatings flooring products.