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Alphabet Soup Series, Part 5 of Many: CSR

Elizabeth Baldwin

CSR stands for "Corporate Social Responsibility," and is one of many ways of looking at business and evaluating companies. Companies that embrace CSR recognizes that they must make a commitment to their communities, both local and international. A strong and sincere CSR program means that companies value success not just in financial profitability, but in the happiness of their employees, their contributions to their community, their defense of the environment, and the success of their suppliers and customers as well. (Among many other things.)

In the wood industry, CSR often takes the form of participation and support of "green" programs such third-party certifications, replanting programs, and contributions of stock to groups like Habitat for Humanity. It can also mean the support of local or international charities. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to look at two groups related to international forestry that I think are well-worth supporting.

I welcome everyone commenting here on groups that their corporations have chosen to support. Let's give some good organizations some advertisements. Tell me who you support and why!

(To see the rest of the Alphabet Soup series, go to my posts on Greenwashing.)

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