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My Paparazzi Photos from the 2015 NWFA Expo

Nwfa Expo 2015 Little Bit Foundation

Last week was spent in St. Louis (my first time there) at the NWFA Expo. My congrats and my thanks to the entire staff for a great event—well organized, fun and informative. Here are a few shots from the paparazzi that stalked me around the show floor...

The NWFA has selected a number of great charities to support. I was pleased to drop off requested extra hotel amenities into the gift box at the Little Bit Foundation ...

Nwfa Expo 2015 Little Bit Foundation

... and, although I'm not a golfer, of course I have to appreciate "going green" with PGA Reach!

Nwfa Expo 2015 Pga Reach

The Hardwood Federation provided the latest in bat Info … See the area in red on the map? That is the area that is potentially facing logging restrictions with the new "threatened" listing. Make sure you stay up to date on this important issue, because it could have a tremendous impact on supply.

Nwfa Expo 2015 Hardwood Federation

Felicia Johnson of the International Wood Products Association offered up excellent information on international opportunities, including info on new educational programs the IWPA is developing. Plus she had a GSP update (if you don't know what GSP is, check out their website).

Nwfa Expo 2015 Iwpa

It is always great to spend time with Amy Smith, my favorite snake wrangler. The Global Forest & Trade Network continues with great outreach and education both on the ground and in the marketplace on Lesser Known Species and Buying Legal.

Nwfa Expo 2015 Wwf Amy Smith

Here I am with my long-suffering editors from Hardwood Floors...

Nwfa Expo 2015 Hf Editors

I ended the trip to St. Louis with a visit to the NWFA HQ. It was great to finally get out there and see the offices—they look great. Anita and Michael were somehow still standing and functioning after an exhausting week putting on this great event, and we decided we needed an annual pic with the infamous "Hugged it First" shirt.

Nwfa Expo 2015 Nwfa Hq M Ichael Martin Anita Howard

See everyone next year in Charlotte!


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