Any trade show is a great chance to catch up with friends from around the world and get my quota of hugs for the month. Andrew, one of the editors at HF, challenged me to hit double digits, and I was happy to take up that challenge. (See my photos with industry legends at Expo here.) Here’s a few of the fine folks I was able to spend a few minutes with:

Barbara Titus of Sheoga:


Kraig Coxon of Pennwood:


Danny Harrington of Galleher:


John Thavelin of Woca:


John Klotz of D&M Flooring (admittedly looking pretty unsure about this whole picture thing):


David Jones of Benchmark International:


Josh Kahle of Hardwoods of Wisconsin and his famous log ends:


And I found international friends at the show, too! I worked with Phillipe and Jenny of FP Bois when I was Japanese, and now they are making a foray into the U.S. market. Such a nice surprise to catch up!


Paul Gates of Tradelink, who will be heading home to London in a few months:


My Brazilian sister Paula Iague of Parati Woods, looking amazing as a new mother:


Rob Beaudry of Husky Flooring, down from Canada for his first NWFA show:


And finally, there was supposed to be a picture here of the Maruhon team. Maruhon is the company that got me started in the wood industry a few decades back and I’m always glad to reconnect when I can. We had a great group shot taken, but it was eaten by those little electronic monsters that sometimes plague modern technology. I did promise them a blog shout-out though, so here it is ... just wish the picture had survived, as well. For those looking to work in Japan, I believe that they were on the hunt for walnut and cherry in particular…

Next week: Photos with some of my favorite associations at the Expo.

Elizabeth Baldwin has over 20 years of international wood sourcing experience. Very widely traveled, her résumé's "Special Skills" section includes "the ability to eat anything from raw horse to deep-fried scorpion." She serves as Metropolitan Hardwood Flooring's ( ECO (Environmental Compliance Officer) and deals daily with the "green alphabet soup" of today's industry: FSC, CARB, LEED, and much more. She blogs for Hardwood Floors on all things green (and, as she says, " 'grey' and 'blue' and almost every color except 'black and white.' Nothing in this world is black and white, particularly not 'green issues.'")