What Tool or Piece of Equipment Could You Not Live Without?

2 K 1223 Wfb Dj24 Talking Shop Pallmann Spider

We asked our followers on the WFB Facebook page this question. Here are some of their responses:



2 H 1223 Wfb Dj24 Talking Shop Bobby Wormwood Edger Dolly

Bobby Wormwood

My Edger Dolly.



Jay Quinene




Les Palmer

Fein saw. 




Gotta be the Hummel.



2 K 1223 Wfb Dj24 Talking Shop Pallmann Spider

Nathan Hourigan

This amazing Pallmann Spider.



Kenny Williams

First and foremost, the big machine.








Laser measure tape.



2 G 1223 Wfb Dj24 Talking Shop Alex Franklin Edger

Alex Franklin

My edger.



Ron Teljeur

Table saw, I can make any cut on that. 



Bill Powell

I must go back to the original floor scrapers; they could not make a living without their scrapers. Nowadays it seems like the finishing touches are the scrapers, but back in the day that was the start of the project.










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Galaxy big machine.



2 I 1223 Wfb Dj24 Talking Shop Joe Dawson Wagner Moisture Meter

Joe Dawson

My moisture meter. 




Knee pads.




My Lägler Flip.



2 M 1223 Wfb Dj24 Talking Shop Scott Eubanks Power Drive

Scott Eubanks

Bona Power Drive. 




My headphones.



Chris Velazquez

Yeti cooler.




My last Werner scraper.



2 J 1223 Wfb Dj24 Talking Shop Mike Peterson Rider Sander

Mike Peterson

My rider.



classicwoodfloors carpentry

Hammer and chisel.




Work van.



Keith Elberson

My hands 



Nick Spano

Boombox or headphones.




I use my Edger Dolly to punch, fill, Festool edges, eat lunch on and, oh yeah ... edge.







James Toal

C'mon… iPhone!



Brandon Gross

Naproxen Sodium 500 mg (Aleve).



Johnny Rodriguez

Beer koozie.



2 L 1223 Wfb Dj24 Talking Shop Robbie Allen Broom

Robbie Allen

My 7th grade social studies teacher said to me, "You'll be pushing one of these the rest of your life!" How'd he know? 


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