New Listings in WFB Facebook Group: Used Hummel, Ford Box Truck, Refurbished B-2 Edger

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See the latest used items for sale in the Wood Floor Business Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook Group:

A used Lagler Hummel is listed for $4,200 and in “good” condition in St. Joseph, Mo.

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A 2015 Ford E-350 12-foot box truck with 181,000 miles is listed for $15,800 in Marietta, Ga.

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A refurbished B-2 Hardwood Floor Edger is listed as “like new” for $1,899 in Norcross, Ga

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This Wood Floor Business Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook Group is for wood flooring professionals to discuss wood flooring insights and sell/buy/trade used equipment and leftover materials for the wood flooring trade. To join the community, go here.

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