Source: KNSDA flooring installer in San Marcos, Calif., was arrested after his client caught him on a nanny cam rifling through her underwear drawer in her bedroom, according to KNSD.

The homeowner, Ashley Harrell, said she got a notification on her phone that there was motion detected in her bedroom; the workers had been instructed not to go upstairs in the house.

She then watched a feed from a nanny cam on her phone as the floor installer, identified as Abraham Avila, searched through her dresser drawers, including her underwear drawer.

The homeowner called 911 after viewing the footage. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene and told KNSD they did not catch Avila in the act of rifling through the homeowner’s belongings, but after viewing the nanny cam footage, charged Avila with burglary and petty theft.

Harrell posted a photo of Avila on her Facebook and warned others to take precautions when having work done in the home.

“If I had not gotten pushed a notification of motion in my bedroom, I would not have known my house was actively being burglarized or have even thought to look for missing property,” she wrote.

The company that subcontracted Avila covered the cost of the installation, according to KNSD.