Over more than three decades in the flooring industry, Paso Robles, Calif.-based Phil Jacober had found that certain flooring products were difficult to join together, and one installation inspired him to do something about it.

“A couple of years ago, we were working on a very difficult installation, and my three-man crew was only able to install 200 square feet in a day. This is what inspired Tapper Tool Co.,” he explains. “I had a thought that a power tool could help with this kind of difficult installation, but none existed.”

So Jacober made a tapping block that would attach to a rotary hammer chisel. “The result was incredible; the vibration effect worked the boards together in an amazing way,” he says. “With my prototype, we tripled production the next day.”

Over the past two years, Jacober has refined his prototype and now sells it as the Rapid Tapper, which is manufactured on the central coast of California and sold online at the Tapper Tool Co. LLC website.

Jacober says that in addition to its original purpose, he has found additional uses for the Rapid Tapper, such as manipulating 4-by-8 T&G plywood, lacing into existing flooring and driving boards under door casings.

See the Rapid Tapper in action here: