A couple in Kensington, the affluent borough of London,  is facing $1 million pounds ($1.2 million USD) in legal bills after losing an appeal to a lawsuit over having “noisy” hardwood flooring, Metro reports.

The couple’s downstairs neighbor, a millionaire banker, sued them over “constant” noise on the hardwood flooring above her luxury apartment. The upstairs couple has three children and the noise was “intolerable,” according to the banker’s complaint. The wood flooring was installed in place of carpeting in the apartment in 2010.

A county judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff last year, awarding her more than $107,000 pounds ($133,000 USD) in damages, stating that the noise was “sufficiently loud to be invasive and disturbing,” and that the defendants “should have fitted carpeting or soundproofing to some of their floors,” according to the report.