Shaw Industries (Dalton, Ga.) has reduced its carbon footprint by 50% since 2010, according to its 2019 Sustainability Report.

The company said it achieved the reduction by switching to cleaner fuels and producing renewable energy at its facilities. 

“The Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plant at our Columbia, S.C., fiber production facility stands to reduce the plant’s annual greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 26,000 metric tonnes,” Shaw states in its report. “That’s an impact equal to removing almost 5,500 passenger vehicles from the road each year.”

The company also stated it has achieved carbon neutrality at its commercial carpet manufacturing operations. It has reduced its greenhouse gas intensity by almost 37% per pound of finished product compared with a 2010.

“Our vision is to create a better future for our customers, associates, company and communities,” Shaw said in a statement.

The full report can be found here.