Old to Gold Hardwood Floors' foam gold bars strewn about the floor after the break-in. Source: FOX 17Wood floor retailers take note: Make sure to put away your giant pile of gold bars before closing shop.

Rowdy Lapham, owner of Old to Gold Hardwood Floors in Wyoming, Mich., created promotional foam “gold bars” with the company logo on them and stacked them in his store. However, it wasn’t long before someone apparently thought they were real bars of gold and broke into the store after-hours to steal them, according to FOX 17.

“The phony gold bars were strewn across the floor amongst broken glass and paperwork,” FOX 17 reported. “Apparently the would-be thief realized their error only after they had already smashed their way inside.”

Lapham, who reviewed the security footage, said the thief struggled for a long time to break in, using rocks and going through the company’s work vans to find a hammer. Once in, the thief also went through the business’s safe.

“We’re a wood flooring company,” Lapham told FOX 17. “We’ve got really nothing of value here—basic tools and paperwork … and some really cool-looking swag … fake gold bars with our logo on it.”

There have been no arrests made yet in the case.



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