Some attempts at wood flooring repairs are too stunning not to share. This particular dowel repair job spotted by Superior Hardwood Service Inc. left the Canadian company scratching its head.

“So I’m curious … At what point do you just replace the board?” the company said in its Instagram post. WFB shared the quandary on its Facebook page, and other wood flooring pros chimed in. See some of the funniest responses below:

Micheal Seeley

It’s a portal to another dimension.

Jimmie Luckey

That is a thing of Art!!! I call it, mini cramped universe.

Chris Allred

It’s mostly wood!!

Jim Sours

What, no ramen noodles?

Michael Todd Inmon

Theres a lot goin on there.

Jon Rooney

In the welding world you would be fired in an instant!

Frank Bechard

The planetary system explained.

Long Flex Flooring

Pretty creative.

Chris Kulakowsky

Custom, baby!!

Brandon Howe

There’s no way.

Kevin William Crisp


Gregg Pierce

I’ve seen worse—at least he/she got creative.

Danny Guevremont

I'm not even mad, LOL, I'm impressed.

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