Compared with other wood flooring projects, staircase projects perhaps have the most ups and downs. We asked wood floor pros to show off their favorite staircase installations. Here is what they shared.

Fino Oficio

I could write an entire article over this stairs and mezzanine cover. All done on site working with the Engineered floor leftovers. Dealing with the walls off set was an outer and complete nightmare.


Mike O'Conner

Brazilian walnut treads and risers.


Oliver Flooring - Barry Oliver

Country feel.


Max Hardwood Floors Corp


Joshua Smith

White oak with a white stain.


Southern Wood Floors

For this unusual back staircase, the pie treads were manufactured to order at the treads’ widest width and then scribed to cut on site to ensure the best fit. They were site-finished with clear oil-based urethane to allow the natural hues to develop along with the flooring.


Lorie Davidson

With a skill saw!


Ubinkayu Sieto

Superflat sanding and coatings.


Cory Sauls


Doug LeClair


Paul Pratt


Ken Ballin

This was part of a much larger project but my stair jig wasn't big enough for these monsters so I ended up templating them. It's usually a technique I use for complicated tile layouts but it worked like a charm on that bottom step.


Chuck Kutchera

There was a pipe through two different steps, and this is how I fixed it. The builder wanted something different. Had a piece of old pine in my truck.


Tan Allman

Architectural detail deck steps.


Chris Rabinette

Had to re-veneer the ends on treads and risers bigger to hide the bed of glue!


John Westphal

Prefinished flooring leftover from the main room put on the stairs.


Trevor Hayden

Custom built floating steps with a custom stain over white oak.


Ruben Parquet


Ron Teljeur

5' wide, 2" solid quartersawn sapele with brass inlays. Shown in progress since the designer decided that a 3-part True Black, 2-part Sedona Red stain mix would make this look better...idiot.


Micheal Seeley

This one turned out cool.


PURE Hardwood Flooring

We made and installed these curved custom one piece white oak stair treads.


Robert Patterson Hardwood Floors

Hand-scraped and wire brushed oak with Spanish tile risers. A 4,000 foot home in Palos Verdes, Calif.


Gaetan Sirois

Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada.