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Fortifiber Building Systems Group
300 Industrial Drive
Fernley, NV 89408-8905

Phone: (775) 333-6400
Toll-free: (800) 773-4777
Fax: (775) 333-6411

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Now more than ever before, flooring has become a defining element of décor in many types of construction.  Protecting its integrity is critical to the value of the finished project.  Fortifiber Flooring Products are designed to do one thing: provide top to bottom protection of the investment in today’s beautiful floors.  

The Fortifiber line includes a variety of products installed below floors that protect from moisture vapor.  We also offer sound-rated products for quiet, comfortable living.  Additionally, the line includes surface protectors so other trades don’t damage your hard work and trample your reputation.

We pride ourselves on offering products that have PASSED California's rigid Indoor Air Quality standards.

Categories Listed in:

  • Aquabar® B
    Aquabar “B” floor and tile underlayment is an effective moisture vapor retarder consisting of two layers of Kraft paper laminated with asphalt. Low VOC-Passed CA01350.
  • HWD-15®
    HWD-15 is a permeable asphalt saturated Kraft paper designed to be an effective moisture vapor retarder for wood flooring applications. Low VOC-Passed CA01350.
  • FortiBoard®
    Non-corrugated, heavy duty floor protection material with excellent water resistance; made from 100% recycled materials. Rolls out flat.
  • Accord™ Flooring Pad
    Accord helps maintain comfort underfoot in engineered, laminate or wood floating floor applications. Provides acoustic barrier (Sound ratings of STC 71 and IIC 67) and dependable moisture vapor protection.
  • FortiFlash® 40 for Floors
    A self-bonding, waterproof, vapor retarder membrane that self-seals; use under floating or mechanically fastened wood panel subfloors under hardwood, carpet, laminate or resilient floors.