The dryness of the air in Salt Lake City is notorious—but that has its perks when installing a complex wood floor medallion, says Jay Jenkins, owner of Salt Lake City-based Wood Floors Inc. He and his three-person crew installed the beguiling white oak medallion in a 22-foot diameter rotunda with no room for expansion. Prior to the installation, they wire-brushed and applied an iron acetate reactive stain to the livesawn 7-inch-wide Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring boards to achieve a "really nice antique look," Jenkins says. After letting them dry for three days, they wire-brushed the individual planks again before loose-laying the medallion. With a general idea of a "sunburst" in mind, they placed four control line planks intersecting the room as a starting point and developed the design from the center out. Each plank was cut with a chop saw and table saw and sanded with an orbital sander to fit the tight center wedge of the medallion. Once the design was finalized, they removed the boards, primed the subfloor with Pallmann P104 and used Titebond 811 full-trowel adhesive to install it. The floor was given one coat of Pall-X 325 sealer and three coats of Pall-X Power Ultra Matte. The end result is a testament to yet another perk of the job's location: in the home of Jenkins' brother and his family. "We had full artistic freedom," Jenkins says. "They wanted something special, and at the end of the day we were able to provide it for them."

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